domingo, 28 de junio de 2009


Last Thursday was a very sad day for the world. A great man died in a surprised way. Four days after that shocking new we can’t believe it yet.

Michael Jackson only it was not an icon in the world of the music by his contribution with new sounds and dance steps; was also and will be an icon because was one of the first famous that turned his eyes to the neediest people and did not doubt in utilizing his power of assembly and to create a great project whose flag was "We are the world", this make that many teenagers of that moment realize that we are part of the same world and that we should help us each other.

Michael Jackson was my "friend" during my adolescence, he was in many parties, graduations ball with his music. During the 80’s in every home that had a teenager it was a thriller jacket or a glove or a pair of white sox with black shoes.

Sadly he has become a legend now his dead, he will be remembered in the history as a man who changed the world with his music, his style, his dance, his peaceful way.

We will miss you….

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