martes, 2 de junio de 2009

Kooljewelry...wearable art from Costa Rica!

Welcome to my new blog!!!
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This is my first message to you from Paradise. Well, I want to start to share some information about me and my shop.

I was born in Costa Rica, beautiful paradise country located in Central America, I live with my hubby and our dog. I’m the oldest of four children and now I have my small business with my sister.

I started my jewelry business four years ago locally and now I want to bring my pieces to the world.

Why some of my items have very low price?? Simply, when I start to make jewelry I bought many acrylic and synthetic (plastic) beads, but my clients start to ask for gemstones and ceramic, so I put all the plastic beads away and start to buy gemstones for my designs.

When I moved to my new home I found the bag with all those beads that were crying to be used, so I decide to make some designs with them and this is how Kooljewelry was born.

Now I want to show some items from my shop, I hope you like them…Keep visit this blog, soon I will have some giveaways and some trivia discounts.

See you soon!!

2 comentarios:

  1. Welcome to the land of blogging! You are doing very well and your items look lovely! I'm off to check out your shop.

  2. Great start to your blogging career! Your jewellery is lovely too :0)